is an online platform that focuses on promoting the medical tourism industry of India. The company is a start-up venture under the MEDITROT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, a company that specializes in Information Technology Healthcare Services.

Domestic health or medical tourism is traveling from an individual’s usual place of residence to another within the country for getting better medical treatment or for want of less expensive treatment available in his/her usual place of residence.

Through the MediTrotIndia’s online platform, the company aims to assist people looking for better healthcare services . Aside from providing the best Healthcare and Wellness Packages, MediTrotIndia will also give clients and tourists a complete travel solution to make their medical journey easy and hassle-free.

We at MediTrotIndia understands how important it is to have the best care and treatment and this is why we want to close the gap for people who are willing to travel overseas to avail of a wide range of medical services and facilities. In addition to providing the most competitive and accessible Healthcare & Wellness Packages, the company ensures that the entire process is carried out efficiently by carefully integrating all the needs of our clients with our advanced technology.

To respond to the growing demand for high-quality medical care and services, MediTrotIndia affiliated with India’s best Healthcare Services Providers and leading Travel and Vacation Agencies and applied the latest technology in our platform to give our clients a first-rate experience.

Through MediTrotIndia online portal, clients can:

Search and Avail of Medical Treatments and Wellness Packages in India.
Book Flights from More than 70 Different Countries with Over 900 Airlines including Low Fare Carriers
Book Accommodations such as Hotels and Resorts in your Preferred Location
Get Local Assistance for local logistics such as Medical Attendant, Local Cab and Guides

On top of this, MediTrotIndia will provide a dedicated Patient Care Manager to during the treatment period.

Let us know your health needs and goals and we will help you in every step of the way as we aim to globally expand our mission of bridging the gap in health and wellness.

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