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Healthy Snacks That Are A Must Try This Lohri

Samya Ghosal

This Lohri avoid unhealthy treats by opting for healthier snacks.

Dance, traditions, family gatherings and most importantly food! All of these make up a hearty Lohri celebration. Also known as the harvest festival, the occasion marks the winter solstice with the shortest day and longest night. The festival is also associated with the beginning of the spring season.

With the beginning of spring, you can celebrate this occasion in a wholesome and healthy fashion by avoiding unhealthy treats and opting for healthier delicacies. We bring to you a list of absolutely yummy but healthy snacks to enjoy this Lohri-


Chikki is a perfect combination of peanuts and jaggery and is a popular snack during Lohri and Makar Sankranti. It also makes for a healthy gift in place of chocolates. Chikkis should definitely be on your list this Lohri if you are looking for a healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth.


Corn is offered to the fire during the Lohri festival. Apart from being a great addition to a variety of dishes, corn in the form of popcorn is also a healthy snack and perfect muncher during family gatherings during this festival.

Til Laddus, Til Gajak and Til Papdis

While typically enjoyed during the winter, these sweet delights have long shelf-life and can also be enjoyed during Lohri. You can also choose to add your favorite dry fruit along with sesame seeds while making these dishes. Til is a good source of calcium. You can select from a black til or white one to prepare your dish.

Dry fruits

One of the healthiest things to have this Lohri is dry fruits. Packed with minerals and a whole bunch of vitamins, eat and stock up on dry fruits this season and enjoy healthy muscles, nerves and skin.

Gajar Halwa

Everyone’s favorite Gajar ka Halwa is made with grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts. Carrots and nuts ensure nutritional value and no celebration is complete without this healthy dessert.

Leading a healthy lifestyle means sticking to your healthy habits. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun during celebrations. There are always ways of sweetening or spicing up the healthiest of foods. If you are always looking for healthy eating, then consult with the dietitians. Their diet suggestions will be tailored as per your lifestyle and needs.

Happy Lohri!

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