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People travel to different countries in order to seek a variety of medical treatments, Ophthalmological procedures being one of them.Ophthalmology is the branch of medical science which deals with the treatment of functions and diseases of the eye.This particular branch has adopted highly advanced technological equipment and high-end achievements of medical science and is developing at an incredible pace.

Most patients undertake a foreign trip for ophthalmological procedures in order to avail the most technologically advanced treatments, first class care and medical expertise without facing long waiting periods. However, financial savings continue to be a major reason for medical tourists seeking corrective treatments proactively in technologically advanced destinations around the world.

With a burgeoning medical tourism for eye care industry, the country boasts some of the best hospital chains in the continent. It has become a popular choice amongst medical tourists for dental treatments, cardiology as well as ophthalmological procedures.

Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery)

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the eyes – its anatomy, function and associated diseases.

When seeing an eye surgery specialist, it is important that you go to an appropriate eye care provider. While ophthalmologists, opticians and optometrists have roles in eye care, their levels of expertise largely differ. It is important that you know the right eye care provider for your eye needs.

An optometrist’s main role is limited to diagnosing, treating and managing changes in vision. They are not medical doctors. An optician is the one who specializes in designing, verifying and fitting corrective lenses only and they are not medical doctors, as well.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who underwent years of study and training that allows them to appropriately diagnose and treat eye diseases.  They do not only provide medical treatments but they can also perform surgical procedures to treat or correct eye problems.  They are also capable of fitting your eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct your vision. Some ophthalmologists even undergo more years of training to gain more knowledge about a specific practice of medical and surgical eye care.

Some of the more common procedure that an ophthalmologist can perform includes – Corneal Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Pediatric Eye Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Retina and Vitreous Surgeries

Medical Travel for Eye Surgery Treatment?

Patients often choose to travel overseas to get appropriate eye treatment because of the cost and favorable exchange rate. For example, a LASIK treatment in the UK can go for as much as £1,605, while in Asia, the cost may range from £300 to £400.

Aside from the cost factor, patients also opt to travel abroad due to the shorter waiting list in destination countries. Add to it the fact that many of the clinics and medical centers offer world-class eye care as well.

Breathtaking holiday resorts and getaways also add to the allure of medical travel. It is like traveling to a place that would restore your vision but also open your eyes to the natural wonders of Asia.

What are the Eye Procedures Commonly Offered by Asian Eye Clinics and Medical Centers?

Before medical travel became an industry in itself, many people have been traveling abroad to avail of eye procedures but they are limited to cosmetic eye procedures but it has since evolved to include elective and emergency procedures. The highest demands are mostly for refractive surgeries such as corneal laser surgery, lens surgery with IOL implantation and phakic IOLs. But patients also avail of other eye surgery procedures such as keratoplasty, glaucoma surgery and vitreoretinal surgery.

The good thing about having an ophthalmic procedure in Asian countries is the availability of medical tourism for eye care packages. You can choose to include airline booking, airport transfers, full board hotel or resort accommodation and even some recreational activities you can engage in while you are waiting for your surgery schedule. Some clinics even include insurance options.

Top Asian destinations for ophthalmology procedures include Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. Their hospitals and clinics have one of the best services for eye disease prevention and treatment.

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